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i stumbled over some ol words/the ones i never gave to you for fear they’d lead to something different/something else other than what we got now/not like this is the best there’s ever been, but damn if i’d give it up for anything/anything more than you/the idea of us/that prospect of bein yours as you’d be mine/can ya ‘magine that?/can ya ‘vision that?/the chance of gettin you when you gettin me/not carin cuz that’s the way it should be/me on you/you on me/doin it right like we ought to/make it good/make it better/make it the best/make it love like we should do/can ya picture that?/picture the eternity not as a length of time but as the moment we spend holdin’ one another/givin one another that look/that stare/that constant curiousity, the questions asked and answered but asked again for who cares for answers when the enigma’s so dynamic/so brilliant/god, i just wanna get to know you/the whole you/all of you/everything ’bout you/give you a chance to know me/the whole me/everything ’bout me/from my thoughts to my family/they belong t’ you if you belong t’ me/just tell me true and it’ll happen/you n me/me n you/the us we always wanted/the two/the one/the smile you’ve always to-me granted

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