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trying for the answer

trying for the answer to life
in others’ reasons/questions/
who’s right? who’s best? and
who’s willing to accept anything/
everything/nothing as the explanation?–
what’s it matter when the clouds
follow the wind/or do they push it/or
are they dragged along by something else/or
are there things you can’t prove ‘less you
look at the revolutions/the evolutions/the
push/the pull/the wobble/the
suck/the blow/the loud/the calm/
the thunder/the rain/the turn/the
left behind/the yet-to-come/the
held/the lost/the let-slip-away/the
falter and the swagger/the stance/the
standing/the rest/the leaving/the
known/the lived-in/the what-may-come,

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