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this globe

this globe
shakes for those
who know
it never snows
’til you’re standing, naked in the sand
with no one near
but damn
if she
doesn’t make you want her to be–
take care of that shelf,
it’s the support you need
when you’re too damn heavy
to be held by anything else–
let down your wall
and let her come,
come to you/
fall your eyes
to the ‘rizon and
let her raise you up–
forget the setting
when you’re in the light-blue sky
and welcome both
outside yours/mine/
break your night with gaze of looker-onward/knowing
a ball a bit bigger than the passengers rolls/wobbles way
from flock’s fold to field in dreams/that
land you seek ‘hind the words/the oppurtunities/the
regret you know doesn’t change you now, just
adds another reason to close your eyes when the world comes a little closer to suffocation–
all’s good when you have a place, a stance, a face
in the crowd you keep seeing but know changes daily/
can you fall and raise like moon/like sun/like leaf/like rain/can you
feel the hills/move the wind ’round you/can you
smile the years away/retain the minerals but let glide the water ‘way/
undrown yourself in those salty badges of insecurity and pound your chest
let the heart know you’re there and not going down without a reason to stand/can
you look above you, now, and see the world is round/a spot on the table, lively enough
yet just bare without something else/anything else/the givers:light, those
who lay on you a technicolor err you can only hide from when most are scared.

random/choppy/needs work/etc.

One Comment

  1. sarah. sarah. November 24, 2005

    it’s nice to peer into your unedited/unrefined mind and see exactly how it works sometimes.

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