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language is not a matter of knowing the words

language is not a matter of knowing
the words to speak, but rather a
comprehension of thoughts left unspoken
for no writ nor vocal manifestation could ever
replace the origin let crawl from
mind through splitting time and chance
in given circumstance.– that which may never find
another route, if not through that subtle genius,
Epiphany, may fall as leaf to be but
nut on ground beneath the tree
unseen, unfound, for who notices
the bearer until the given is believed profound.

it isn't very fair when you steal the sunshine
a ghost-O'd outline waves its way


  1. Jared Jared October 19, 2005

    Oh man, I love that Chris. Love it.

    I’m thi3f from AIM, although not sure if you’ll recognize me.

  2. Henry Henry November 14, 2005

    I love you Christopher.

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