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the muse vs inspiration

a muse is someone/something that cannot disappoint,
merely disinterest.
emotion is not wasted on the muse, merely displaced for a bit.

Nature will never be delegated to status of “muse,” for Nature is a permanent-inspiration. the muse may wax and wane, but it is not the permanent moon, just a moth you notice in the light.

those who inspire: Mom, E, Katie, dad, Grandma, family, Sarah : they are permanent in thought; they are me in some odd linking.

the muse is but a flash, while those who inspire :including Nature: are the light. the muse may linger, but lingering is not comparable in force to motivation.

you may say the muse is but a parasite, a hinderance, an obstacle of inspiration–
i prefer to call the muse “practice.”

this life is but
pale in envy.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous October 12, 2005

    interesting way of putting it. it seems someone is missing from your list of inspirations… muahaha! >;] whatever, i’m just playin. ta-ta!

  2. Francis James, Kuzyk Francis James, Kuzyk October 14, 2005

    What is this? Who is this ??????

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