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pale in envy.

when the voice, or blood,
                      or whatever
                      is clogging throat,
                       boils at room temp
                       to eyes–
                       the sticky ‘lids
                       hiding as
                       ashamed curtains
                       pulled to feet by
                       the one keeping me
                        but unfree to enjoy the air–
           this sight of a sickened child
           rotting in thought
           from too long an exposure,
                                  of her.
alone, in stare or conference held,
         she is
            she is
            here– in front, beside, behind, around me–
if that
                     solitairy fixation on
                                                                                 not run, not walk, not
                                                                                                           as so
                                                                                                          we let it be–
                by chance
                         by longing
                                    could bring to
                                                   us an envy drawn
                                                                  from other,
                                                                            outside onlooker–


  1. Anonymous Anonymous October 8, 2005

    nice poem
    thanks for sending it to through hallmark
    whoever you are 🙂

  2. Anonymous Anonymous October 8, 2005

    well i have no idea if this is what you wanted me to read. hmmm… it is lovely, i really mean it. well thank you for the poem. Stranger

  3. Jess Jess October 9, 2005

    awesome poem. thx for sending it, whoever you are….

  4. carolyn carolyn October 10, 2005

    yeah, i just wanted to say what everyone else did. thanks for the poem? it was great, but who are you?

  5. October 10, 2005

    pretty… who are you?

  6. October 10, 2005

    This poem is so great and touched me. I write poetry myself and this is way more talented then any of mine! Ummm…I have no idea who you are but thanks for the poem. Its really great! I’d Really like to know who you are? :0)

  7. Anonymous Anonymous November 6, 2005

    is something wrong with your space bar?

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