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the wolf, with

the wolf, with
eyes raised:staring,
 guides the gift’d
                in glance of grave
                  devil of History;
      breaking light in eye of forest,
     mane bears but symbol
      in respect to Shadow’s fortune,
       Fate, the Following;
          yet Wolf, with
           throat raised:open,
            falls sense, in weight,
             to pit of torso,
              crowning ‘lids
               in cast of gold marred-faux;
               gift’d, let flush go fears of Follower;
                as oakened-oars on fall
                 Converse with trail of them in Thought;
                    yet Wolf, with
                  breaks the beating rhythm of
                   far-stationed voices, screaming,
                    fully catching twixt the ribs of skin;
                     creaking in unison, this hollowed bone,
                      the marker of the shredded breast
                       from other left ‘lone, treads not
                        in -testines’ collared coils,
                         ‘stead finding side by pearl’d tusks of crimson:yellow’d.

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