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despite this knowledge (cliché)

despite this knowledge now ingrained,
that the world will spin until it stops
not when you’re afflicted or strained,
i find it hard to process her
as anything other than
a meteor:
striking fancy until breaking through my atmosphere–
how can i force her ‘way when i can’t reach to her?
this silly game of revolutions revolving round the subject frightens me.
can she see this pull is greater than any push i’d ever throw?
can she feel these bands of rings round my throat
grown twisted, knotted, broken yet holding my gravity hostage–
will laughter or smile bring about a change of pace,
a fall of spin to welcome her
or will she fly by/pass me by without being brought close enough
to pull her in with gentle kindness, the natural gravity?
will she falter/fall to meet me here,
or is this planet:me too dead already?
she is sun.
she is this planet’s fixation/temptation/goddess/sickness
of thought.
she is smile in sky behind the glare of lengthened stare.
she is prickle of neck, of nose, of twitch and those
she is walker and path.
she is perfectly rounded.
she is fall to height unreachable without jumping first.
she is frantic dream unrehearsed for who could plan for marvelous misdirection?
she is rise of head to wonder why the seasons change but she remains
beyond the reach of time– a thought unmolded but sprawling forth
in gratitude of life.
she is brightness of day and mystery of night, the angel of shadow and of sight.
she is breath, unchurned in lungs for to keep her would be a travesty.
she is pull in full, unchained armor, welcoming.

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