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i have not written a ‘good poem’

i have not written a ‘good poem’, one that makes sense beyond the words read or spoken. the reason for not having written a ‘good poem’ is not the inability to do so, but merely the inconsistency of thought toward, and the amount of time spent on, any given piece. to say i am not a ‘good poet’ may be thrown into the mix, though i prefer to see the situation as my being ‘not willing to show the potential within’. i have not transformed into a poet, but merely slid into a poet’s skin of thought. i have not given any piece the time required to fully chrome the inside as well as the out, to fix any twists of thought that may linger through ‘nice words’ and the like jamming up the ignition.

the space of thought allotted toward writing is basically the same amount of time taken to type or scribble the work, if not less. no single idea or string of ideas has presented themselves before me, giving me the grace of thought enough to spill them onto paper or screen. well, that’s a lie. several ideas and views have struck me as being ‘unfit’ for writing, though will be shown when my own understanding of them is comfortable enough to do so. bah. there are times when one may ask the self, “why are you as you are?” the answer i have found that best suits this question is, “how else would you be?”

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