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sittin’ on my front porch

on slashdot, there’s an interesting article about rollable ‘paper’ displays, which are currently monochrome, but will eventually be color. could you imagine, sitting out on the porch with the morning paper (about the size of an 8×11 notebook, but as thick as the cover for stability) in your hand, your other adjusting your glasses. you say a command, or think a command, or tap the screen for a command to zoom in on, or readjust/rearrange, the articles. all of your local news would be on one side, while national alerts, your favorite comics, your bookmarks, would be on another, or arranged with fingertip-accuracy (basically google’s customized main page via stylus or fingertip). perhaps the display would be refractive/reflective/a camera and would tell where to go or what to zoom in on based on eye movement, facial smirks/frowns/giggles, and would adjust its programming accordingly.

perhaps this would be a contender of the mid-air display currently in development, but in a portable version that can be in a bracelet, a ring, or a watch, or your glasses.

imagine all of this, but affordable– just costing a monthly subscription, or free (depending on if you have wireless/a net connection.. if not, perhaps a monthly/yearly cell-phone like service that would keep your paper up to date for a nominal fee, equivalent to the price of a day or two’s paper news papers. of course, some could opt for once-daily updates, and be charged 30th of the price a normal subscriber would.. because imagine the cost of bandwidth for the pictures/videos/music/etc.. wait.. maybe just link this to your pc and go at it with 54a/b/c/g/i/x/y/z/am/fm/gps/whatever). how amazing.

the possibilities!

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