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To Kathy

Look to thought as root of tree,
planted in consideration and clarity;
in branches, infinite, your spark may grow;
when, if fumbled/faltered, you lose what is known:
shift thought from thought to purpose, to reason,
to the natural:origin, from bare to blossomed season;
bring not your gaze to root, though fond,
but wander eyes ‘hind ‘lids to bond
of tree to ground to foot to chest to breeze,
and perhaps you, through tracking back,
find within you what you may need.

To Kathy:
    A thought is but a branch,
       upsprung from root
         of tree branched infinite[ly]–
                [don’t bother counting,
                  unless you
                   wish to]

    worry not if lost on
     branch you grow,
      for many branches
       spring from root–
        just remember
         to remember root
             [return to reason.]

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