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a vpoet

okay. i’m pretty sure someone or i have tried to define a ‘vpoet’. even if i do define ‘vpoet’, the definition will alter greatly from anything i’ve done and thus would probably negate me using the term ‘vpoet’ as my moniker. but, the idea and basis for my writing is thus:

A ‘vpoet’ may be a ‘poet’ whose interaction with and observance of ‘this world’ is ‘virtual’, as though ‘disconnected’, while remaining fully ‘connected’ through ’emotion’ and ‘gravity’/’forces’/’life’/’the endless cycle’/’the way’/’all’/’curiousity’/’chance’/’?’/

Alternatively, a ‘vpoet’ may be a ‘poet’ whose major ‘influences’ or ‘mediums’ may include the ‘internet’ or other ‘technologies’.

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