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Have Her 2

She’s got that
Once in a lifetime
Smile, those eyes
That write as much
As read/She holds
A fire to the night.
And I can see,
In memory, how
Much I had to
Have her
In those
Minutes tricked by seconds
And the racing of the stars;
For no more lonely were us lovers
And no more vacant was my heart.

Crawlin’ Again 365

Well, I forgot today/Couldn’t forget the day
You landed in my way, like a hole at the busiest turn.
I tried to avoid, tried to maintain, but that ain’t me/
That ain’t me with eyes held high, feet a-churn/
No, you know I crumbled like a brick of chalk on the board/
You planned your move and I relaxed to move on, but
That’s not how a story’s supposed to happen.

So, I

So, I turned out
To be a bit diff-er-rent
From who you saw
I was when
We knew this would begin
To be greater than either
Of us could have seen

You ‘ve turned out to
Be someone I could
Not have believed would
Give me their heart, and
Yours, so beautiful, keeps
Mine moving in


I once forgot all about myself,
Only to remember/recall
What I never knew before, but
Somehow I know myself better;

how many times…?

how many times
do you have to tell me
that everything would be
better somewhere else?

can’t say i believe you,
though i know here isn’t
much better than anywhere
we’ve never been or could be.

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