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Posts published in January 2011


I once forgot all about myself,
Only to remember/recall
What I never knew before, but
Somehow I know myself better;

Okay, So

Okay, so, I see a brother
Coming to conclusions of
How his woman feels ‘n’
He hides behind eyes for
Fear she’s found some(thing)
Better, like, say, loneliness.

And, as he slowly drowns
The mind, his body knows
The shakes and shivers mean
His body needs control; the
Knowing is hardest when
Not known, you know? When
He holds onto what was as
Though it always will be,
He foregoes growing old for
Happiness now, the way only
Teens and dreamers seem to do.
…and his body tells him now’s
A good time for a drink or few.

always and often.txt

a pretty long time ago,
i told you i’d sold myself
on the notion of marriage;
how funny, how funny,
to think of the nights
in that blue store
sided gold/and Polly
telling us it’s okay to
talk a bit between shifts,
so long as the patrons
don’t seem to mind;
forgot the days you spent
driving to me for an hour
and all the times i came home
to warm supper, given with Love,
given with Love.

you always and often told me
that He knows where we need to be,
no matter the day, no matter
the ex-periences of past lives;
i always and often believed you,
holding on to those ideals we
always laughed at before we saw
how hard a life worth living takes
to realize.

how many times…?

how many times
do you have to tell me
that everything would be
better somewhere else?

can’t say i believe you,
though i know here isn’t
much better than anywhere
we’ve never been or could be.

When I look back and see nothing,

When I look back and see nothing,
I look ahead and see in Your face
Reflections of all You’ve gifted me;
Thank You, Lord!