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iWin Games Manager and AdminWorker.exe

So, you use iWin Games (Cake Mania, Diner Dash, etc.) and your Games Manager crashes upon startup? More than likely, the error you receive is that C:Program FilesiWin GamesAdminWorker.exe cannot be found. This is how to reinstall Games Manager (without losing your games or purchases) and why that occurred.

Some anti-virus applications show iWin Games (AdminWorker.exe, GLauncher.exe, etc.) as a virus (or Trojan, specifically). When you see the warning from your anti-virus about a suspicious file, odds are that you’re just going to Quarantine or Delete the “threat.” The problem is, as stated, integral parts of iWin Games show as viruses, so you may have just quarantined or deleted a file that’s needed to play your games.

The Remedy:

If you quarantined the file, you can go into your antivirus and remove the file from quarantine. I’d also suggest showing the file as safe with your antivirus.

If you deleted the file, simply uninstall iWin Games (not a specific game, but the program labelled, “iWin Games”). Follow this guide to uninstall without removing your games, preferences, or purchases: How can I reinstall the iWin Games Manager? If the link does not work (iWin may have disabled hotlinking to articles), then you can visit the support page and search for, “reinstall.”

I strongly suggest that, if your antivirus again detects c:Program FilesiWin GamesAdminWorker.exe or another iWin program as a virus/Trojan, to mark the file as safe to avoid this in the future.  More information:


  1. Calvin Crumrine Calvin Crumrine August 9, 2010

    The most common reason for ‘false positives’ by AV programs is that a vendor has written a program that performs ‘virus-like’ activities. In my experience, iWin is one of the worst of these-especially because they keep blaming the AV programs.

    Sort of like blaming the cop who pulls you over because you were swerving all across the road. If you act like a drunk driver then expect to be pulled over. Don’t blame the cop-if you don’t like being pulled over then stop acting like a drunk driver.

    • chris chris August 10, 2010

      While your statement is true, the typical computer user whom I assist with computer repair doesn’t care about suspicious activity, and so what I would never use on my PC ends up being something I must research and become acquainted with.

  2. M.Hendriks M.Hendriks August 18, 2010

    Na verschillende pogingen geprobeerd te hebben om Iwin/Games Adminworker .exe
    te down Loaden is me dat nog steeds niet gelukt.
    Wat moet ik doen om weer de IWIN games te spelen?

    Groeten. M.Hendriks

  3. zelderharvey zelderharvey November 17, 2010

    i would like to get back iwin games manager on program c im having trouble getting it back

    • chris chris November 20, 2010

      What trouble are you having? Downloading, installing?

    • zelder harvey zelder harvey November 23, 2010

      im having trouble installing the game i dont have a parameters

  4. Laurel Schenk Laurel Schenk November 20, 2010

    It’s wonderful, I appreciate that

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