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This is my first blog about the wedding. Candi’s done the entire coordination, and I’ve attempted to be her support and listening ear.

The preparation for a lifelong journey’s one-momented prefix is very stressful. I never thought we would have to arrange such minor additions or necessities to make the ceremony seamless. That could be a metaphor to describe the emotions, too. From candles, an aisle runner, the floral arrangements, and the dress & tux (which are for our ceremony), to the table favors, the catering, the music, and the seating chart (which are for your celebration of us), this process is as dynamic and fluid as it is streamlined and hackneyed. Enough so that we purchased a planning book, but have done most things without its assistance.

Candi works exclusively with each vendor, which helps in ironing out small details as well as with budgetting. She’s not splurged twice, just once on the cakes, and has met some of the most wonderful people who have worked with us to make the day so special and personal: Dianne Smith of Brookdale Florist, Karen of Karen’s Cakes & Cafe Pharr, and Randy of inFocus Photography.

I really admire and love Candi, and her determination and ability to stay grounded and sane in the most confusing, stress-filled, emotional, and wonderful times has reminded me each day how much and how much more I continue to love her.


  1. tim tim August 2, 2009

    wow, how time flies. just felt like dropping a line and to say hello, long time no see. i think its been a good 5-6 years since i last talked to you. you may even not remember me at all, "shush" is all i will leave. pz.

  2. victor johnson victor johnson August 2, 2009

    sup po. congrats man.
    "does aimchange still work?" lol
    take care.

  3. sarah sarah December 26, 2009

    hello. you are getting married? congrats. i got married in may. my mom passed away december 6 of this year – you know, as in a few weeks ago. anyways… so i was mulling around online and ta-da, here i am. thought i’d drop you a line and check out what you’ve written over the last few years. take care, ‘paleo’. ;]

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