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Sony DR-BT21G and Windows Vista

Discovering how to use the new Sony DR-BT21G with Windows Vista ( Asus G1, CSRbetween bluecore 4 ) was a chore. I never knew that Vista did not support A2DP natively in some instances. There are two ways around this, though, and you’re about to learn both of them. One is a hack, and the other is straight-forward:

1. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack from Dev-Hack’s forums. ( does work with Vista 64bit )

2. Toshiba’s Bluetooth Stack for Windows Vista by ASUSTek. ( unsure if Vista 64bit compatible )

1) While a hack, this is rather effective, but the worry is that the, “stereo,” sound is reduced to mono quality. I don’t know why.

a. Go to’s, “UnCrippling Bluetooth in Windows Vista,” ( )which contains a link for the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver and WIDCOMM Bluetooth Driver Patcher 1.8.

b. Hax away, so you can use various Bluetooth devices with your Vista 32bit/64bit PC.

2) The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is pretty simple to use, and requires no hacking. The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows Vista also allows the DR-BT21G to stream Stereo sound, CD Quality at 44100 Hz, 16 bit.

a. Download the appropriate Toshiba Bluetooth Stack from their European site ( ).

b. If you see some annoying, “Look for the device driver automatically,” dialogs, just select to not be asked again. It’s pretty simple.

c. It may help to use your Fn+Wireless keys and disable, then re-enable Bluetooth on your G1 ( or to unplug and plug back in your dongle ) when installing the device during the Toshiba installation.

d. If you experience horrible Bluetooth service, try setting a, “Custom Level,” of security within the Toshiba settings, and disabling Encryption for the A2DP/Headset services.

d. This is from the::unwired blog ( ).

The only problem with either is that I’ve yet to find how to make the AVRCP controls work with Winamp. And, yes, I’ve enabled Global Hotkeys. I’m going to try Bluesoleil next, and I’ll edit with the appropriate information.



Edit: How To Use The Sony DR-BT21G Mic With Windows XP


Tom Jacob’s comment made me look back at this post, and all I can say is that, with the Toshiba Stack ( ) version 6.10.10, you have two options:


1. When discovering the device you must select, “Custom Mode,” and selecting the connection as a, “Headset,” this creates a constant phone call with the computer to allow the mic to work flawlessly. This isn’t the best idea for sound (or battery life), but it does work.


2. Instead of selecting, “Headset,” select, “Handsfree,” which makes it a straight-up Bluetooth voice/sound connection. This is still not a great idea for stereo sound, but it does work quite well for voice and isn’t zapping your headset’s battery by imitating a call.


  1. Tom Jacob Tom Jacob December 14, 2008

    I am using the Sony DR-BT21G on Win XP. My problem is that I can not use the inbuilt mic on the headset. the system is not capturing any sound. everything is fine when I use it with my phone as a hands-free. did you get the same problem?

  2. Jonathan Jonathan July 15, 2009

    solved my problem on windows server 2008

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