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Posts published in July 2005

You Know What To Do (draft)

The clouds’ applause trembles air to feet of twitching;
“You Know What To Do,” they mumble-grumble/strike to me.
“Yeah, yeah— You really are persuasive, y’know?
You don’t have to answer that.”

A conversation ‘mongst the towers unseen for shelter’s shelter
rages in calm, tapping showers brought and bringing
sense to edge of cliff a’bashed with ever-tidal tidings
of sweetest elements’ harmonies.

Another shift of light to shadow
and lifted these thoughts grow to growth of storm beside and surrounding
with such shatter-chatter, rasp-throated moans!

Tumbling, these voices grown from sound to flicker
broke and break the gentle cycling of the rain–
the falling air left/right/straight/back in constant, uncertain lickings of the eyes
as though to show the fury is
but known/dependent on the travelled-travelling breath of all.

Sitting for a bit with two Swiss

Beyond the chit-chat, sit-back, relax talk Mom initiates,
I fumble in thought and
forget to speak when spoken to—
They don’t seem to mind, though they may be
polite in their inability to open me.
The pace-cold sweat from pit of arm
reminds the mind the world is before,
not just inside and I smile to match theirs
without knowing why except to feel as they do,
to be as unafraid of exposure as they appear
to trail word from thought so casually.

Arguing at the intersection

“Can’t you fucking see they’re waiting for us?
Can’t you see the light is green,
but the van refuses to move?
Why are you just standing there? Here?
We can cross!”
I rush my legs to catch this thought—
The light flicks red against the hood of some other car
and I feel my heel trip in air but escape the oncomer—
Mom walks, some paces behind, within the traffic,
head held high and I begin to realize
I’m not the only one on this road.


I tripped
while retrieving this,
letting my thoughts,
like a calling,
stumble my way
as I
forgot the hamper was behind me.

Prior, I
shaved clean my
soul patch
and began to ponder,
“what should be written?”

The stalling of a parking lot’s progress
mimicked me for a second—
the fidget of eyes—
and, within that epiphanic second, I
found solace in the ruled-blue pages
of this draft.

how to stop a smile from breaking

for all i’ve done, i know you wouldn’t know
how many cells in this brain hold memories of
you and not of being there, not being able to
unlock these chains of in-security, obstacles i
never thought about all that much until you
brought freedom to this servant of thought
unlit and shining with reflections reflecting from
i blame the sun for breaking one day as all;
i blame the moon for showing change can come,
go, come, go, wax, wane, wax, wane, rise, fall;
i blame the breeze for showing tranquilities are
commonplace, daily, forgotten until left or leaving;
still, i blame the trees for waving without welcoming
the birds, the squirrells, the nests unfurled and grounded
without hands around to clasp them closer to a beating
that drowns the world in

there was an attic

there was an attic
limping/lifted, i crawled the stairs
to find the memories forgotten yet there
yet in this mind’s eye they will never leave for i know them too well;
the roundness of the plastic,
the bucking of the horse,
the little lamb’s words so comforting still

in this attic,
this compartment box opened and sprawled with heat,
in this attic laid all my dreams once given, now taken-placed from view;
is it right to forget that which was so once wanted,
so lived ’til forgotten in fore-given’ess?

these sweat’d flakes of ice

these sweat’d flakes of ice fall prey to finger’s tidyngs,
making art in art so clear,
pushing from place ’til image nears
and fallen these eyes become,
as relenting thought’s forcings
break ‘part the ‘cicles,
paving way for unpump’d heart
in journey from fill’d to froze to molten start.

with these whisper-wing’ed words i find

with these
                           lacklust’ words
                                i find nothing
                                        is as safe
                                                in breeze
                                                    as mind.

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