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Posts published in April 2005

to the Teachers

All are brilliant..
            have the potential to be brilliant
perhaps through the physical,
perhaps through the mental,
perhaps through kindness,
or perhaps
through life.
If, perchance, one is not knowing of one’s brilliance,
            perchance, see one’s brilliance as life
                        and how one joys life.

upon all everything

life is beyond religions..
yet life is religions..

to live,
to act,
to think,
to behave,
to die,
to be
within constant questioning of the effects of your actions
upon all everything..
but do not take the weight of constant questioning
as though it is a must..
take the weight of constant questioning
as thought it is a way of expressing
of knowing your expressions
your motives, your being, yourself
do not
on the negative
forgive yourself if you are deserving
you may take these words as a reasoning for hurt or suffering
but know that they are not
they are but words
but thoughts
but meanings masked in language–
it is in you
this meaning is

watched a leaf fall yesterday

i watched a leaf fall yesterday,
flutter-find its way to ground as though these eyes were puppeteer drunk in amusement;
upon its resting, i stared,
finding leaf’s path to be unseen in air yet
there in thought, in motion of eye,
as though these thoughts were but mirrored movement
empty yet over-filling resevoir ’til snap!,
these words, like leaf, lie in rest of purpose
without tale

upon this empty page my heart fills the corners

upon this empty page my heart fills the corners
as though a thousand words shoot through these fingers
click click click
click click click
tap tap tap
tap tap tap
tap tap tap
just go just go just go
just keep this rhythm let me see it
let me feel it
let me hold on long enough
to see your face at the end of this rope of thought
let me hold you let me
let me let me
let me find these words unsaid and lagging

gold, sun-shone veil

gold, sun-shone veil
to give view of You,
wing’ed bringer
of pulse’d rhythm,
bearer of Smile
beyond lips;
as i am Your fevered
You are my
Galaxy of stars
with warmth of One..
Smile, You, my Aniol, my