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Posts published in “Year: 2005”

in today’s society

in today’s society,
it’s hard to tell the
crazies from
the normies–
you see
someone talking to themself,
and then find a wire
attached to their caller.

i would travel this Earth

i would travel this Earth,
these Planets,
this System/Solar,
these Spirals,
this Galaxy–
of all Time to You i will reach
if there be no way to crawl–
may these words, these thoughts, this
bleed upon paper/a sentencing
of unruly/broken sheets sprawled while in
quiet beg of You: Queen, Angel, Princess,
 Smile: Your response in silence to
a taking-breath pull of Gravity, mine: You.

how low your smile when the eyes know you’re not here

the focus of your photograph leaves you shaking, breaking laugh for cry of body/of clutch of me for knöw’ i’m here– could you see me, would you stare in ‘turn so shaking is seen not by me, but with you?

silent breathe of her

once, far from here, an angel knew
her way to waker’s dreams–
or were they photographs?–
or were they lost in determination?–
either the way, she, in me, was held
without hands nor mind, but in suspension
‘wixt lips’ limits, wide in silent breathe of her,
this, the only angel willed to walk ‘spite her wings,
those risen or drift-in wind cumbersome things

a reflection/sign/symbol of something different

we are as the shadow is:
a reflection/sign/symbol of something

with word wound tight to thought/

time is but a calendar,
a marking of what is, for
without such limits, how quickened would the
                                                mind be?

i deserve all which forefollows me.

to void

You’ve taken my thoughts,
Leaving this emptiness
to void, a shadow’d ink
But spilled and left for dry.

unshuttered window

finnecky wind breaks past unshuttered window,
waving loudly ‘gainst thoughts of you in want
of some response inward/tongue-led toward silence,
love’s closest ally in defense of isolation–
what word rises, rests in swoop-drawn perch
upon mind’s budding spicket stuck/imobile within
body’s pearl-mounted barrier or cavern-positioned
catcher of the breeze in motion numb’d beneath shiver-leaves.

that feeling

that feeling– the
warmth/numb of skin under self–
nerve folds,
casting in for fear of char–
that breath/
for tide of motion to sooth/to part its
that silence,
boiling steady in simmer’d spot
so distant as to be unreachable yet
scarring to touch–
lies upon this wind in making fragrance/heat
a palpable taste of something/
of lightened air
in rub of ‘neath?


bend ‘fore breaking,
break ‘fore bending,
or speak
‘fore both.

You’ve taken

You’ve taken my thoughts,
amongst which you have my heart.

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