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Posts published in November 2013


That embrace of a beat/a melody
Much more steadied than our own.
I know how to be good, though
Lessons, when learned, are
But still worthwhile, if for
No other reason than a means
To relive humility.

Cold feet, more foot, knows
There is warmth in being covered, though
Finds an ability to breathe more appealing;
The world knows not me, and I little
Of the world, thee, who witness, staring,
Blank to let me fill your needs with fancy’d
Words, turned phrases, plead[ing]s to be
My witness. And, I begin with you, as you me,
In hopes far more exists in land of poetry
Than word, but written, or history; we wish
For future, more, who we are, to receive clarity.

Forced writing fills a page,

Forced writing fills a page,
While fingers find their way
To be relevant again, like
They were before the ticks
Of life took their toll,
And left the mind fold’.

11-11 09.43.5pm

Sold my faith for a minute more
In the warmth of a blanket, to
Escape the cold outside. Can’t say
I regret the life I’ve lived, but I
Will always remember rolling over,
Telling Him I need more time to
Adjust to the temperature, and
Still going to where I would have been.

Bought my faith for a summer spent
Being His, and observing Life,
The Way, and all there is. Won’t say
I regret what I’ve seen, but I
Will always remember running through,
Showing Him I needed more time to
Adjust to the temperature, and
Still go where I would have been.

11-11 09.31.5pm

Sometimes, all you need
Is a strum and a run-on
Sentence, or thirty-some.

The greatest love you can have
Is the love of yourself, for
No one else can love who
Doesn’t love themself, but
The second-greatest love
You can have is the love for
Someone who doesn’t see
The love they deserve, only
The love they lack inside, behind
Those eyes hiding love, buried
Under shadow, the absence
Of a bit-flick-flame, that one
Feeling of heat, best described
In anger and in love, though
One spreads and the other
Flees when it’s all over, so
Always pick the one that stays,
The one someone else gives and
Hopes so much the kindling sparks
To pull that love out of shadow,
Out of the corners and into
The warmth of embrace, even if in

The Cat I Broke And Who Fixed Me

She watches beside me,
Anticipating movements
Not yet made, but made
Before. Her head follows
Her eyes, widened by my
Returned stares; she
Pops as the jack, paws
In walk & rump raised,
Tiring of the silence and
Knowing I will welcome her.

EMET and Chrome

I own a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro, but found, in this post on, mention of software I had not heard of: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) by Microsoft.

EMET is intriguing, because it provides an additional amount of security, including EAF, ASLR, and DEP, for apps that may not have been originally configured to take advantage of those technologies. A good write-up on setting the software up is available from TrustedSec.

Now, I am a complete novice when it comes to these security technologies, but I decided to use EMET and attempt to enable all it has to offer, because being ignorant about security technologies and using their benefits is better than just being ignorant. That said, I’ll continue to the steps I took to use Chrome alongside EMET.

Once EMET is installed and configured, it’s immediately evident that Chrome needs some additional attention (what with its constant crashing and pesky un-usable-ness).

To address that un-usable-ness, and because I have OCD, I decided to find which (if any) exceptions Chrome needs to operate without crashing. Luckily for me, it only took, like, 15 crashes to find the right exceptions. Luckily for you, here are the steps to add the Chrome executable and the right exceptions:

  1. Click, ‘Apps,’ from the toolbar
    • emet_chrome_01_apps
  2. Click, ‘Add Application,’ from the toolbar
    • emet_chrome_02_add_application
  3. Browse to your Chrome executable (mine is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application)
  4. Enable the appropriate options for chrome.exe
    • emet_chrome_03_exceptions
    • DEP, Data Execution Prevention
    • SEHOP, Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection
    • NullPage, Null Page pre-allocation
    • HeapSpray, Common heap spray address pre-allocation
    • EAF, Export Address Table Access Filtering
    • BottomUpASLR, Bottom-Up virtual memory randomization
  5. Disable the appropriate options for chrome.exe
    • MandatoryASLR, Enforces Address Space Layout Randomization on loaded binaries
    • LoadLib, Check and prevent LoadLibrary calls against UNC paths
    • MemProt, Special check on memory protection APIs
    • Caller, ROP mitigation that checks if critical function was called and not returned into
    • SimExecFlow, Simulate the execution flow after the return address to detect subsequent ROP gadgets
    • StackPivot, Check if stack pointer was pivotted
  6. Ignore the greyed chrome.exe, if visible
  7. Click, ‘OK,’ at the bottom of the screen
  8. Close (if open) and re-open Chrome
  9. Enjoy!


I recently found that I was using the improper, “okay,” when the correct spelling is, “OK.”  I would go back and update my prior works to the correct spelling, but I would rather be reminded of my ignorance.

From this point forward, please know that I will correctly use, “OK.”  If you see something with, “okay,” you can correctly assume it’s an old work, or I was tired.

That said, I try to be grammatically correct and use correct spelling with most of what I do.  It’s hard in the land of poetry and creative writing, because there is so much pleasure to be had from confusing the audience or being ambiguous, and grammar, punctuation, and spelling tend to make being ambiguous a difficult task.  However, I certainly won’t use what is universally thought of as correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling if it clashes with my own beliefs. See, “till,” versus, “’til.”

Also, I do not like run-on sentences; I use coordinating conjunctions and punctuation, where appropriate.  I am a student of stream of consciousness.

a million times ago

a million times ago,
i looked to you and saw
my equal, the one who
would be a better half/
the only half that matters;
a million times ago,
i looked to you and breathed
in your smell, the one which
wakens me from rest of this world;
a million times ago,
i looked to you and skipped
forward to today, when
i don’t want to forget the
millionth time before.

to say i am afraid of losing
all memory is to say i am
but waiting to die; no, i am
in tears to wash out what
may keep me from seeing you
you sober me and
my life with
joy, the
only feeling
to encompass all you are
to me, to the
rest of this world.

a million times ago
is replayed every day,
as i stare at you
while life carries us on
this crazy wave we never
saw coming, ’til we did;
a million times ago
is replayed every day,
as you look into me,
foot curved ’round foot,
and you
wrap me in your smile;
a million times ago,
i could have counted
forever in one hand,
and we would have been

writing is learning to love yourself through every word, by loving those around you and understanding them, if even in your own head, so you can better appreciate where you are. writing is also being aware there is so much more than yourself to be loved, and knowing we all have the time to do just that.

you are breaking…

you are breaking,
to be pieced together.
not by
my apologies,
but by
your expectations
building to understand
i, whom
you trust,
disappointed you
not trusting you.

you are breaking,
as my words
your perception of me,
cauterized-like wounds
by a kiss,
or thirty-one.

you are breaking,
off your
forward on
all ahead of you,
as your
constrict and
the brightness
of your light,
flames on, standing
straight among the breeze.

all forward fall

i fall
trying to
be faster
than i can
carry feet
let drag

i fall
with fists,
to the
a vision
of pain
save me
from the

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