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Posts published in May 2012


held myself up by propping on you for a bit,
but now you’re half buried

mom, i
thank you
for all you’ve done
with only so much as an ask–
or none.

to be where we are

You know,
Half the time I spend looking at you
Is looking forward to
All that we will do when we’ve had time
For our own memories.

Though I may not remember
Every moment we’ve spent together,
I’ve used every one to
Build who I am today.
Though I may not recall
All we’ve done or where we’ve been,
I’ve used every moment to
Be where I am today
with you.

Lonely Owl

‘tween the trees, this
taper-tipped owl sits,
perched to speak to
they who listen/know
the tale of solitude,
in call that they may
forget such times exist.

We Are Who We Will Be

I remember maturity was,
When I wasn’t, the ability to
Remove ourselves from ageist expectations.
We held strong to who we
Thought we were not to be–
We became images of
Future regret, anxiety, calls for help;
We became our own type of normal.

Forgetting who you are

I opened my eyes to where
I am now;
No one told me I would be here, but I find myself
Your main purpose in this world is not to be successful at something you don’t love. Your main purpose in this world is to be a warning to those who give up their dreams/hang up their pen,
Forgetting who they are for
What they are.