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Posts published in February 2011

How many

How many days
Does it take
To see this
World for
The beauty
It is when
Night opens
To day, and
Day opens
To smile
On the face
Of the one
Who needed
One more day?

One more
Day to see
The beauty
Of one more

Yo, So,

My life is scripted like a staged play,
3 acts and I know it’s over– a little
Sad, yes? Nah, I know how much my life will be worth when I die. He
Knows my life is for Him–
My wife, my family, my legacy will
Be not for not– I will hold on to
The dream of being something my
Kids will represent, happily.


Amazing how such
Strong convictions
Can be felt as one’s
own weaknesses;
Thoughts, strengthened,
Become not doubt, but
Embarrassments: the
Feeling of being exposed,
Of being open to swift jabs,
For beliefs that should be without
Consequence of judgement.
But isn’t that what a conviction is?:
The bonding of one’s views with
One’s own way of life, of living
And interacting, even if outcast or
Shutout from others’ ideas or actions.


Yeah, yeah,
You use to see me by the road
Helped yourself to an eye full
While I couldn’t help myself,
But that’s how life is
For the most part, brilliant,
But then a moment comes
That turns you from where
You once were, takes your
Eyes from the slide to the
Landing– where I knew
You’d find me, eventually,
Love, Yours Truly.

How? How? How? How
Many ways you take my breath away
When I try to remember, but
But, but, but, then another comes
And I’m left wondering how many
More you’ll come up with– Jazz
Hands to Air Dry, another day, another
Way you’re breaking my heart–‘s
walls to be closer to he who
You know has many more to go!
How? How? How? How many
Times will you break my heart–‘s
Walls before you check my pulse that
Way you do when being you:
A beauty with a brain, main
Love/main squeeze, and a
Penchant for the dramatic cheese?

Replay. Wind it back, let it go, do it again like Groundhog Murray–
I like this beat– nah, love it–
Holdin my head in a sway
Like I’m runnin and still–
Stuck like a fall, yeah, for you–
But, wait! You capture me
With words I’ve never heard,
Like, “hehe,” “haha,” “baaaby!”
And what I got? Nada, babe,
But smirk and bit/smirk and bit
My lips to show you how you
Got me feelin to/every/day/again.

Crawlin’ Again 365

Well, I forgot today/Couldn’t forget the day
You landed in my way, like a hole at the busiest turn.
I tried to avoid, tried to maintain, but that ain’t me/
That ain’t me with eyes held high, feet a-churn/
No, you know I crumbled like a brick of chalk on the board/
You planned your move and I relaxed to move on, but
That’s not how a story’s supposed to happen.

So, I

So, I turned out
To be a bit diff-er-rent
From who you saw
I was when
We knew this would begin
To be greater than either
Of us could have seen

You ‘ve turned out to
Be someone I could
Not have believed would
Give me their heart, and
Yours, so beautiful, keeps
Mine moving in


Ha! I’m having one
Hell of a day, begging
For it to end, but I know
It won’t anytime soon.

When we fall apart,
How often we sit and stare
To forget where we are
And who we’ve become–
–BUT, Ha! I have to remember
Who we want to be, and just
Slip over your feet, bury
In your body– We will be
Great one day, they’ll see,
For you, for us, for our family!

Be A

How long
Do we
Have to
Be who
We set
Out to
Day, or
Two, may-
Year to
See who
We knew
We would
Be when
So hard.

Let Me Be

I wandered about,
A bit confused, hold-
Ing onto what weighed
Me much, and you look-
Ed at me in disgust, won-
Dering why my mind wou-
Ld keep seeing poison as s-

A Dimly Lit Marble Floor Redux

I once forgot myself at the counter of
A convenience store, remembering
Only when I was halfway outside the
Door leading in where IthoughtI was.

Every once in my mind, I fall to knees
To learn of me; a hidden segment of
The populace, holding/gone from my
Own thoughts, a brittle belief in who
I thought I was, broken by memories
Come fading in, lost before, but my
Remembering does a damn fine job
When I don’t want it to. Typical.

I crawled my eyes along a pavement
Of fallen rocks and lines left behind,
With barely a thought given they who
Straightened such bare landscape, set
A structure not easily seen until
begun to be finished in an entirety.

While walking, I saw her standing
By the rear of our car, waiting for
Me to catch up to reality; a common
Habit for her, she who has faith…
And in me.

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