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Posts published in February 2010


holding our breath/about to turn blue/seeing the stars ahead/believe it’s coming true/i
told you
a while ago
the world would be ours–
just wait with me until/
we’ve found that happy
medium, ourselves–
you bring me joy beyond any smile
i could face–
it’s all about the comfort, i’m
never afraid so long as i’ve got to be your man–
i cannot hold on to the rationale–
I cannot be far from you
when you feel so far from me;
I must be at your fingertips,
arm let loose/hands firm–
I cannot be far from you
when the day comes
and I’m still in the nighttime
hoping the dawn comes
but I can’t drive that fast,
it’s more about patience for
the long-run/homerun,
i’m seeing stars and about to
be in the galaxy with you,
my baby, baby,
my wife, love,
my partner/spouse,
love, wife, my
baby, baby, mine.


The days are unkind to me, though nights and mornings with my Darling are all I’ve dreamt of upon waking, and ‘fore sleeping, beside her. She is night and morning, and my days are walkings, talkings, typings in her memory.

I love her. She rests beside me and I wish nothing more than to be as close as night allows. I want to be happy, with her, forever. That word crashes on my forehead/my conscience as though some great evictor of thoughts. I do not think this is a time; this is my life, and I shall own this with all of my strength, and, if I stumble, I shall rise, knowing she is there to kiss my wounds and beat me up to prove I’m more than able to crack a smile.


?Sometimes you wake up and find your arm around your beautiful spouse, look at the white pillows like they’re fresh-snow cleaned, and thank God for taking you out of a 5-year-prior nightmare. I owe you my life, Lord, and I know this is about as close to repayment as I can come. Your works shall be visible through me; I will join others in proclaiming Your light.

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