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Posts published in April 2008


whosoever knows themselves shall know they are the Lord’s. your life was saved from your own deeds but you use it as though it was not. know Him as he knows you!


i feel like i’m flying away from wherever i have been for quite some time. these past 6 months have been nothing but an epiphany as to who i am, who i am capable of being, and who i am STRIVING to be.i never saw these worlds i live in now when i was younger. they seem distanced now from where i see myself as having been then/they, following a strange vein i had never invited myself to witness, allowing me to be someone i had once shied from for fear of being too me. i struggle. that’s why i am. i wake up after a 5hr nap and see my surroundings, i see my Love, and i juggle the thoughts of getting up happy or getting up tired. the happiness wins most of the time, but the tired knows it can. i write best knowing words are after what i say. that way, you never feel tied to the next word, and focus on the following words.i long for pause and reflection, and can have such when i want.we know this yard is ours to be. she said she wants a garden. i love her and she shows me why every day. i have to go to her knowing i will always be with her. it is a comfort.

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