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Posts published in June 2006

dropped the pen

dropped the pen
, kicked the phonecord
and didn’t give two thoughts.

place the moment

place the moment
within a myriad
of sectors–
the current,
and another,
rhetorical future/in a past sense.

i will not

i will not place my wallet near my pen, in fear it may compromise a character trait.

Though you may be beside her, your

Though you may be beside her, your
hands upon her, your parts–dashed–
inside her, I remain in thoughts, as
though a cherub, scrunched, placed
to be as watchful eye of scrutiny, and
while you hold hand, remember, see,
I will be within her far longer than thee.

The gentle-man, beside his car, more in front than rear/more

The gentle-man, beside his car,
more in front than rear/more
to the engine/motor than to
the doors, but, he was painting,
a much-stroked blue, beneath
the sun, and, though he knew
, from mind, ten ways ’bout which
to onward-go, he paused, in
reflection, brought to cause of
calendar’s wake, a memory/a
fantasy of finger, lifted, raised,
pointed at from drape of He,
and, in this white-covered-brown
tunic, He began to, through canvas
, lift from page, from thinnest
material to a tower, slabbed,
drenched in day’s workings and
the material, the hands of blue-
worker, David, a well-spoken
, gentle-man, whose times
were before him from his
‘versaries, 3 or 4 prior-made,
being worked on from mind’s
softest point, a sharpening
let be blunt to they who may
see but colors without the depth
, the plurals of a wading scene.

just go. go about your day,

just go. go about your day, your life, your world. go. do not stay in any thought of feelings for long, as they have a nasty way of latching on and not leaving when having overstayed their welcome.

pixels, drowned-orange/shadowed-bright, stab

pixels, drowned-orange/shadowed-bright, stab through
 bars/through slick-sloped crests of curvatures
, these mappings ‘cross their points, broad
 to be but surveyors’ tools, haphazardous through

 most, simplest rules

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